The kind loan that does not mind your Credit Bureau

Do you know what the Credit Bureau is? Talking about this topic for many people is like referring to a legend, everyone knows that it exists, few have seen it and almost nobody knows exactly what the work of this organization consists of.

In fact, the most recurrent thought that emerges from this institution is that when you reach it, it is almost impossible to get out of there and get back the confidence of the banks.

In fact, from the first moment in which you request a credit, you will have a place in the Bureau, the difference between being vetoed or not is because of the history that you generate in it through the payments and the arrears that you have with the institution that you I gave it.

In this way, we can say that all those people who have a credit, will be inside the Bureau. And of course, the existence of this society is obvious and also necessary, there must be someone in charge of keeping track of the flow of money granted through the credits.

For this reason, it is that whenever people request a credit through banking institutions, they must “visit” the database to know the probabilities that exist of having the borrowed money back.

We know that a bad record is generated through non-payment or simply with arrears, but how can you clean up the history? It is necessary that you make a commitment to pay your credit formally, although paying the minimum monthly helps keep you clean.

The best thing is always to make bigger contributions, this will help you to have a committed image with this institution. Remember that occasion when a relative or friend borrowed money from you …

Your confidence in him made you decide to lend him the money, however, from the first months you identified that there were flaws in the payment, he did not always give you the full amount or he asked you for more days to make the payment. In the end, he did not pay you the full debt.

What do you think about it? If I came back to you, would you lend your savings? Of course not! The same happens with banking institutions and with some credit. While your history indicates that you are not a good candidate to obtain a loan, surely they will not give you the amount you requestor, on the contrary, they could deny it completely.

But the Credit Bureau for many people can become a headache and even the reason why they do not dare to apply again for a loan. If this is your case, do not worry, at Credifiel we can grant you the credit without having to review your history.

We know that behind the request for an Iyashi Care loan there are many reasons and great objectives to achieve so our main motivator is to help you fulfill them all.

At the moment you request a credit, we only need to verify your information and we will start the process immediately so that you have the money in your account as quickly as possible. Family dreams and goals to fulfill cannot wait any longer.